About us

Malayalee Association of the U.K. (M.A.U.K.) is a charity organisation in Manor Park, Newham.  We have been serving the local community since 1974 and has been at the forefront of providing multiple social and cultural activities.

M.A.U.K is also the first and one of the largest and leading Malayalee community organisations in the UK with an impressive and pedigreed record of serving the evolving needs of the Malayalee community over many decades. More details about our services and activities are available on www.mauk.org and www.fb.com/mauklondon

The United Kingdom is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, from 02 to 05 June 2022.

With the support of the London Borough of Newham (which has the highest concentration of Malayalees in the U.K), the National Lottery Awards for All and local businesses, M.A.U.K is celebrating this momentous occasion on a grand scale on Friday, 3 June 2022 at Flanders Playing Field in East London. Our vision is to use the occasion to highlight the vibrant multi-culturalism, harmonious inclusivity and equal opportunities that encapsulate contemporary Britain. The festivities include music, dance, cuisine, stalls, parades and anything and everything else that brings communities together and unites people. We hope that we can highlight how migration enriches society through the various arts forms of the many migrated communities and with a strong focus on commonwealth countries.

The highlight of the festival includes:

  • Cultural performances from various communities of Newham
  • Variety stalls e.g. street food from different cultures and arts and crafts.
  • Pencil sketch/painting competition of Her Majesty and exhibition of entries at the event, our community centre and website.
  • Stalls, guest speakers and podcasts to raise awareness about community cohesion, environmental sustainability, mental health and Wellbeing.
  • 70 artists performing a special Chenda (Indian drums) composition and 70 dancers from different generations performing a Kerala folk dance called Thiruvathira.
  • Broadcast of the event live on MAUK’s and performers’ Facebook pages and online community radio station and television channel.
  • T20 show match between the best players from the leading two local cricket leagues
  • Family and children’s entertainment e.g. bouncy castle, pedal go-karts, inflatables, shooting ally, henna, face painting, etc

To maintain the legacy of the celebrations, we have created this website to archive the fascinating memories of people, art exhibition, event photos/videos and highlights of the Platinum Mela and of other nationwide celebrations for future generations and a worldwide audience.

The Festival will also feature many prominent guests from from the field of cinema, politics and businesses in U.K. and Kerala.

Sreejith Sreedharan
The Platinum Mela