Vinod Navadhara | Percussionist Artist

Mr Vinod Navadhara is a talented percussionist who hails from Kerala. Over 25 years, Vinod has performed in more than 2500 stages across India and Europe.

Vinod started learning Tabla and Mridangam at the age of 9. In addition, his intense passion and enthusiasm for music channelled him into mastering ‘Chenda’, the typical Kerala temple percussion instrument which has become a regular and popular item at all mainstream celebrations. After his studies, Vinod joined Poonjar Navadhara, a well-acclaimed Music Company in South India as a Tabla and Mridangam player. He continued his service as a Musician and Manager of the Company for 19 years. In addition, Vinod extended his service as a Music Teacher for the Navadhara School of Music, Sangeetha Mahal and the Vrindavadya School of Music in Kerala for 13 years.

Vinod joined the Malayalee Association of the UK’s (MAUK) Dance and Music School in London in 2012. This paved the way for Vinod to widen the span of his Musical Career from India to the U.K. Vinod later formed Navadhara School of Music as an independent company and now has over 320 students at 16 different locations throughout England.

Vinod rose to prominence in the U.K when he led MAUK’s Chenda Troupe at the 2012 London Olympics Torch Rally. Vinod Navadhara and his students at MAUK Chenda Troupe and Sangeeta of the U.K. had the opportunity to perform at many prestigious occasions, including the Queen’s New Year Parade, the London Mayor’s Diwali Show, Commonwealth Head of States gathering, Indian Republic Day celebrations, The Lord Mayors Show and for many temple and church festivals.

In addition to teaching, performing and propagating Chenda across the U.K., Vinod also manages and performs for MAUK NiSaRi Orchestra and Navadhara Orchestra. Vinod is also an excellent events coordinator who has conducted and performed with many prominent and famous musicians in the U.K and from India. ‘Melaperuma, the Chendamelam with 200 plus musicians, including Padmashre Jayaram (notable South Indian cine artist), which Vinod composed and conducted in London in 2018 was the largest Chendamelam outside of India and the Middle East. Plus his performance with 101 Chenda players MAUK’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations are among the notable achievements of Vinod’s wide-spanning Music career. His in-depth knowledge, professional expertise and passion for music have earned him a prominent role in the South Indian Music scene in the U.K.